Hi! I'm Babs.

I'm a JavaScript Developer 💻 with experience working across the stack, totally in love with the buzz that comes from building and shipping products. Did I mention that I ❤️ JavaScript? React & React Native and Node are my current JS flavours of choice. Take a look around and do let me know if you need anything! ☕

What Learning to Play League Of Legends Has Reminded Me About Learning To Code

Personal Productivity Learn To Code

Recently, I joined a new team where League of Legends is the default group game. As someone who has always wanted to play the game, this was the perfect opportunity to play with a group of friends. League has so many rules and things to know and learning them can be quite daunting

Why You Should “Pay Yourself First” With Time

Personal Productivity

Three years ago I was in a very unhappy place. I was consistently broke, I was overworked and I could not see a way out to either financial freedom or to professional success. I was working the usual 9-5, however, the job also included a lot of after hours and weekend activities that quickly ate up my time. Not only did I have usual

Why I’m Finally Getting A Kindle And Saying Goodbye To Paper

Personal Productivity

This year, I made it one of my resolutions to read just 12 books. One a month for every month of the year. I would start with Atomic Habits to lay the groundwork for growing good habits throughout the year, one of which would be reading. Thing is, 12 books is hardly some great resolution but it had been so long since I actively read anything that I wanted to give myself a realistic target.

The JavaScript Execution Context, Call-stack & Event Loop

JavaScript Web Development

Have you ever looked at a piece of JS code and known what the result of executing that piece of code would be, and yet deep in your mind, you knew you had no idea how the result came about. Or perhaps you've looked at some asynchronous code like an on click handler

Content Management with Gatsby, Netlify and Contentful

React Gatsby Front End Development JavaScript

I've been using Gatsby for the better part of 6 months now. And it's quickly become my go-to for building static sites. The advantages are huge. You get: - A lot of configuration and boilerplate done out of the box. - Speed, SEO and performance optimizations. - A great community, great docs, a growing plugin ecosystem. - And my personal favourite - getting...

From Chrome To Firefox Quantum in 4 Easy Steps

gatsby contentful netlify cms

I recently got the 15 inch, 2017 MacBook Pro, a radical upgrade from the 3 different MacBook Airs I’ve used for the last 6 years. It’s been a wonderful new world of retina color, huge bump in screen real estate and faster operating speeds. But this is not a review of the MacBook Pro, it’s a story of how the morning after, while running...

JavaScript Design Patterns Part 1: The Factory Pattern

JavaScript Front-End Design Patterns

Lately as the projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on have grown in scale, I’ve been taking the time to delve deeper into design patterns for writing more maintainable and scalable Javascript code. Design patterns are a great way to apply time and battle tested solutions to common problems so we can more quickly and efficiently solve them...

Create a Halo 5 Inspired Loading Icon With HTML/CSS and Vanilla Javascript

JavaScript Front-End

Recently, I've enjoyed playing around with vanilla Javascript and trying out things that might have been a bit challenging for me a while back. I was playing Halo 5 the other day on Xbox Live and I noticed that the loaders were kind of interesting...

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