Hi! I'm Babs.

I'm a JavaScript Developer πŸ’» with experience working across the stack, totally in love with the buzz that comes from building and shipping products. Did I mention that I ❀️ JavaScript? React & React Native and Node are my current JS flavours of choice. Take a look around and do let me know if you need anything! β˜•

About Me

I've been building apps with JavaScript for close to 3 years. I've worked on a variety of teams and projects in that time, but I always seem to default to smaller, more nimble start-up teams. I work best in an environment of passion and I'm hungry to learn while giving value. If you have anything that seems like it's right up my alley - Give me a ☎️

Before code but after Law, I ran two businesses - a cross country, shuttle service and an on-demand laundry service. I also did some design work as an in-house designer for a mobile games start-up. In addition to this, I've worked as team lead on an 8 man team for two years, where we built a fitness solution for busy people looking to connect with other like minded fitness individuals.

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ReactAWS TranscribeNodeDrChrono

StreamMD was built in response to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19. It’s a solution that allows Doctors to meet with patients who believe they may be at risk of exposure/infection via teleconferencing from the safety of a quarantine location. One of the challenges in building an app that deals with medical information is that the app needs to be fully HIPAA compliant, a chanllenge which we met. In addition, users could also order test kits and have them delivered to their location, test and then send them back to the doctors who would have the results going into the appointment. Lastly, we won first prize in our category at the recent Square Small Business Hackathon




Wisr is a student and alumni engagement software that helps connect both parties to each other for the purposes of mentorship, internships and other opportunities. The problem Wisr aimed to solved was the gap between students looking for mentorship or job placement support and the alumni who can meet these needs. The tool allowed schools to create a subdomain where both sides of the users could connect - based on their needs - in different ways and find each other for both online and offline interactions in groups or individually.


Golf On The Go

React NativeGraphQLAWS Amplify

Golf On The Go allows users use one monthly pass at a variety of golf courses around them. The project is a React Native project deployed to both iOS and Android app stores. I took over this project at about 60% and working with all stakeholders including previous developers on the project, was able to deliver a finished product. The joy on my client's face when the App got deployed to the App Store is one of the best feelings I've had since I started coding 2 and a half years ago




Started over the course of a weekend, percentiCal was built out of my fascination with how quickly the year progresses and an interest in picking up Electron. percentiCal is a menubar app that displays the percent of the year gone by. The code is available on GitHub and I hope to launch the app for free for those who, like me, want to feel the hot breath of time on their neck as it creeps up on us.




A side project completed in partnership with an NGO. Makaranta is a student/teacher managment software that helps admins keep track of teachers deployed across the country in IDP camps and other low-income areas to monitor the effectiveness of teaching methods and provide remote support to teachers and students alike. Child education is something close to my heart and this project was extra special to me


G2i Website


I worked on the G2i marketing website project as a solo undertaking in between working with the rest of the team on the "platform" (an admin dashboard for internal employees). It was built using Gatsbyjs, my first introduction, and it was as they say, love at first code.




My very first job 😍. I was part of the team that built the Sendbox app. Sendbox is a logistics and inventory management tool that helps merchants use a unified dashboard to track inventory across multiple sales channels and pulls in data from couriers in one place so they can find the best options for fulfillment.




This is an open source package that was created to bootstrap an Electron React app that lives in the menubar. I created this starter after building percentiCal to make it easier for others who wanted to build the same types of apps. Currently working on adding some configuration options so users can select the type of app they'd like to create among other features




A vanilla nodejs server. I built this for usecases where one needs a simple node server with no dependencies or as a starting point for building out something much larger. It comes with zero node dependencies (not even express) but has body parsing and routing built in using native Nodejs modules.

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